Estate & Trust Administration

The attorneys and staff at Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin & White take great pride in simplifying the estate settlement and probate process so that you can relax knowing things are being handled properly. By simplifying the process, we can also save you time and money. The Firm assists with all aspects of estate and trust settlement and probate, including the preparation of Maryland inheritance tax returns; federal and state estate returns; federal gift tax returns; and fiduciary income tax returns.

Estate Administration

Estate administration is an essential part of the Group's practice. Administration of a decedent's estate offers many opportunities for income and estate tax savings through careful post-mortem planning. Valuation issues are often critical in larger estates, and our attorneys have developed strong working relationships with professionals who value many different types of property. The Group also maintains relationships with accountants who have significant experience in both estate tax and estate income tax matters.

We represent personal representatives in settling estates, including the preparation and filing of pleadings and other documents in the appropriate probate court, marshaling estate assets, preparation of an inventory of estate assets, settlement of claims, preparation of decedents' final income tax returns, preparation of fiduciary income tax returns, preparation of estate and inheritance tax returns, participation in any audit of such returns, preparation and review of accountings, interpretation of wills (including allocation of assets to marital dispositions) and distribution of assets to beneficiaries.

The Firm assists with all aspects of the Estate Administration process, including preparation and filing of Probate court filings; preparation of estate tax returns and fiduciary income tax returns, analysis and management of income tax consequences and handling of federal and state estate tax audits; disposing of assets, including the funding of trusts and devises under more complicated plans in light of tax considerations; preparation of Estate accounts; and resolving settlement of claims against estates

Trust Administration

We provide advice to trustees with regard to the performance of their duties as trustees and their investment, tax, and accounting responsibilities. We assist with the preparation of fiduciary income tax returns and, in the case of revocable living trusts, the preparation of estate and inheritance tax returns upon the death of the Grantor. As with estates, we participate in any audit of such returns. We represent trustees with respect to the interpretation of trust provisions and, upon termination of the trust, the distribution of assets to beneficiaries.

The Firm assists with all aspects of the Trust Administration process, including Administering trusts; Working with investment advisors to manage assets; Understanding complex family situations, assets and specialized tax-sensitive trusts; Working with co-trustees and beneficiaries by providing tax and financial advice and planning distributions; and Communicating and reviewing the purposes of the trust with beneficiaries

The following descriptions are representative of Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin & White’s work in Estate and Trust Administration:

  • Probate of wills and assistance to personal representatives (executors) and trustees in carrying out their fiduciary duties related to administration and settlement of estates and trusts
  • Representing estates and trusts and their beneficiaries in negotiation and litigation of family conflicts and disputes with third parties
  • Coordinating post-mortem planning, including the use of disclaimers to reduce estate tax liability or shift assets within the family without additional tax cost