Product Liability

Product Liability

The Maryland Product Liability attorneys at Silverman Thompson Slutkin & White combine our trial lawyers' strategic expertise with the appropriate technical backgrounds to pursue our client's claims of injuries resulting from defective products and medications. Our experienced litigators have been successful in Maryland State and Federal Court in a wide range of cases involving defective equipment, products, medications and machinery. We work with our client to appropriately evaluate claims, including consulting with technical experts if the need arises. By combining their experience in the field with their knowledge of the statutes and ordinances governing these claims, our attorneys map out strategies which best suit the particular claims and the needs of their clients.

Maryland Product liability cases generally fall under three main categories:

  1. Manufacturing Defects- defects which occur during the manufacture of the Product
  2. Design Defects-  inherent flaws in the design or make of the product
  3. Marketing Defects- faulty and improper instructions or the failure to inform consumers of potential and latent dangers in the product.

Common defective products may include, but are not limited to Automobile, and automobile products. We have had considerable success in recent years representing victims of defective air bags against automobile manufacturers. We have also represented victims injured by defective grocery store products and foods from restaurants, medicines, cosmetics, medical devices, baby strollers and children’s toys.

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