Trial Lawyers

A trial lawyer is defined as a “lawyer who specializes in representing clients before a court of law”.  The attorneys at Silverman Thompson Slutkin & White, based in Baltimore Maryland, are widely regarded as some of the leading trial attorneys in Maryland.  Although the lawyers in the firm have developed unique experience and knowledge in particular areas of practice, Silverman Thompson Slutkin & White is not organized into practice groups or departments. Trial skills and advocacy are their skills. And these skills can be brought to bear in any type of case.

Although the firm will only take cases in which it believes it can make a difference, there are few limits to the kind of cases it will take. The firm’s attorneys appear regularly in State and Federal court.

We invite you to contact us or call our office at (410) 385-2225 or 1-800-385-2243 for a complimentary consultation to see how we can make a difference for you.